Friday, January 9, 2009

I am not one to be left behind.

And I must beat Angie to this blogging thing. I do not have the gift of writing that my three younger sisters have, but I will get better at this. ( I HOPE). Since I do not have internet at home, I think my page will remain the same for longer than some of my moms friends. I will shoot for once a week, but cannot promise anything.


  1. GET OUT!!

    no not really, that is just my shocked reaction.

    why don't you have internet at home?

  2. Um, hello? I really thought you'd be last. Now, we just gotta get on Angie- maybe even Dad. Actually I think David would be before Angie....

  3. hehe!!! wow!!! better to try n enjoy though..hehe!!

  4. dont want this site. my new one is